The Nation's Premier Environmental Education Program

Bruceville, Texas

Located in Central Texas, Nature’s Classroom Institute in Bruceville is close to most major Texas cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston.

Nature’s Classroom Institute in Brucevlle’s natural setting provides participants the ideal combination of beauty and charm. Here on our 300 acres, nature, people and environment, are in tune with one another. Memorable moments, our modern facility, and a multitude of activities make Nature’s Classroom in Bruceville far more than the usual retreat experience. Once a guest in Bruceville, you will want to make this special place your second home!

Bruceville has hosted hundreds of retreats over the past 30 years for team building, outdoor education, staff training, spiritual exploration, youth programs, sports teams, universities, social and family gatherings as well as corporate conferences and other outings.


The EcoVillage sits in the woodlands of nearly 290 acres adjacent to a zoo and vegetable garden. The goal of the EcoVillage is to introduce teenagers to the natural world and to help them understand and appreciate their role in the eco-system.

There are four monolithic domes that can house up to 72 people and a kitchen and dining room powered by solar cells. The photovoltaic cells will help provide electiricty – off the grid – for lights, utilities and air conditioning throughout the eco-village. The water is from passive solar hot water heaters to make students aware of the energy they use and allow them to control the way they use their resources.

The power of choice with immediate results is a powerful learning tool built into the curriculum of the entire program and with the EcoVillage students will feel more empowered than ever!