Nature's Classroom Institute Faculty and Staff

Montessori School Faculty and Staff

“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.” Maria Montessori

“Montessori teachers are not servants of the child’s body…We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.” Maria Montessori


Geoffrey E. Bishop

Executive Director

Geoffrey E. Bishop, hails from the bush in North West NSW, Australia. After his childhood spent on his family’s sheep station he went to an agricultural boarding school for five years, and then to University in both Sydney and Melbourne where he studied Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

For the next 10 years he traveled the world, visiting over 80 countries, where he spent most of his time trekking in rural areas, learning cultures and understanding his place in the world.

In 1996 Geoffrey started Nature’s Classroom Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. NCI is a residential environmental education program serving schools throughout the Midwest. The Nature’s Classroom Institute program helps students understand the natural environment, participate in ecosystem exploration and study, and work together with their peers and teachers as a community. The program includes activities such as confidence-building, group challenges, historical simulations, scientific explorations, and many more hands-on academic lessons.

After developing a strong academic and environmental outdoor based curriculum, he formed Nature’s Classroom Montessori School that blends the core philosophy of Montessori with his environmental principles. The past Board Chair of the Wisconsin Association of Environmental Education (WAEE), he has been honored by WAEE as Wisconsin Non-Formal Educator of the Year.

Nature’s Classroom is on 400 acres in the small rural community of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Geoffrey’s passionate and sustained focus over the past 15 years has been on organics and sustainability in schools while promoting getting children back outdoors and helping adults understand the importance of instinctive play in the natural world.


Carrie Benzinger

Office Manager

Carrie Benzinger joined Nature’s Classroom Institute Montessori as our Administrative Assistant in February of 2018. Previously she worked with client data providing service to both employer and customer in the Customs trade compliance and transportation payment industries. Carrie grew up in the Milwaukee area, is married, has 3 sons, and currently lives in the Town of Vernon, east of Mukwonago. She enjoys cooking, baking, spending time with her family dog (Chili) and is a dedicated library patron and fan of the many resources it has available to all. Carrie is interested in what Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori school offers students and is eager to learn much more about it.


Ms. Deepa

Head of School
Directress - Children's House Classroom

Deepa Shreekumar grew up having a diplomat father enabling her to experience varied countries and cultures. Just when she thought life was settling down, her husband, Rajesh’s job began to take them to many different countries and they moved to Milwaukee over a decade ago. Deepa has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from India and has worked in radio, made documentary films and taught film making before arriving at teaching. Her interest in Montessori began with her mother’s teaching experience and resurfaced when her older son, Advik, now in the work force, attended a Montessori school. When her younger son, Arjun now in high school, started at a Children’s House, her fascination with the Montessori philosophy peaked. She completed her Early Childhood training from Seton Montessori Institute, in 2006 and began working at Nature’s Classroom Institute Montessori the same year. Deepa enjoys meeting people, cooking, reading and listening to music. She greatly appreciates a sense of humor and friendship especially when made in lands far away from her own.


Ms. Wilma

Assistant Directress - Children's House Classroom

Wilma Murphy married 20 years ago and moved from México to Wisconsin. She learned English as a second language. Wilma and her husband, John, have 2 children, Jenny and Tony. In 2005 she started a new experience working at Nature’s Classroom, teaching Spanish part time. Currently she is working full time in the Children’s House classroom as an assistant and teaching Spanish as well. In 2011 she took her Montessori Teacher Training at Seton Montessori Institute as a Children’s House Directress. She really enjoys teaching her culture and language to the children and also takes pleasure in learning new experiences each day.


Ms. Kym

Intern - Children's House Classroom

Kymberly Smith received a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a specialization in science from the University of Iowa in 2010. As a traditional teacher, she began her career teaching in Roxbury, MA at an urban high school in one of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods. She moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family. Her family now includes Charlotte, Henry, and Elizabeth. She continued as a traditional teacher at a choice school on the Southside of Milwaukee, teaching science to middle school students. It wasn’t until her daughter, Charlotte, became old enough to start looking at school options that her family discovered Montessori. Her family became part of the Nature’s Classroom community in 2014 when Charlotte began in Children’s House. In summer 2017, Kymberly began her training at Seton Montessori Institute. She enters the role of assistant teacher and intern to Children’s house in 2018. She loves Montessori because it meets each child as his or her own level and directs the lessons to the individual.


Ms. Helen

Assistant Teacher

Helen Holtz grew up on a family farm in Mukwonago, Wisconsin and was raised with a passion for the outdoors. Helen graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with an agricultural degree and works with her father and mother on the farm. Her dedication for outdoor land ethics has enabled her to work across the United States; creating and building trails for State and National Parks, wild land firefighting and fuels reduction, eradicating invasive plant species and establishing natives, and also working as a wildlife biologist. Helen and her dog, Dobby, recently finished hiking and backpacking in every continental state and she hopes to continue to explore the world. She is very excited to continue her commitment to environmental stewardship by passing her knowledge to the next generation.


Ms. Satira

Directress - Lower Elementary Classroom

Satira Lord graduated from Green Mountain College with a degree in Psychology. From 2010 to 2013 she worked for Nature’s Classroom Institute and helped establish the NCI program in Texas. After NCI, she worked at Ithaca Montessori School in Ithaca, NY as the Education Director of the Youth Farm Project. She most recently ran a food pantry, as well as, worked with children in foster care. One of the highlights from her recent international travels was working at an agricultural museum in Dorf Tirol, Italy. She befriended a donkey named Ginna. She is excited to return to Nature’s Classroom Montessori and cannot wait to teach your children.


Ms. Adriana

Directress - Lower Elementary Classroom

Teaching children has always been a passion of mine, as is spending time in nature and learning from my surroundings. Nature’s Classroom offers the unique opportunity for me to be able to have both daily. I have had the privilege of living all across the United States from Alaska to New York, and many places in between. I have walked inside of glaciers, tiptoed around snakes in the desert, looked down from the top of massive skyscrapers, and sat wide-eyed through stories told by tribe elders. Each community has helped shape who I am today as an educator and the rich cultures of those people influence what I bring to the classroom. I received my Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology with an emphasis on the sociology of education and learning and cognition from the University of Alaska. I received my Montessori education in Lower and Upper Elementary from Seton Montessori Institute.


Ms. Briana

Directress - Upper Elementary Classroom

Ms. Briana has always had a mind rooted in science and nature. In her youth she was active in 4-H, hiking, and had an inquisitive mind. Briana graduated from UW- Madison in 2010 with a B.S. in Biological Aspects of Conservation. After graduating she soon found Nature’s Classroom Institute in 2010. In 2014 Briana hiked the entire Ice Age Trail. The following year she worked at the Urban Ecology Center. Since joining NCI in 2010 she has worked in every aspect of the organization from Environmental Educator, Assistant Directress, and now Head Upper Elementary Teacher.


Ms. Katelyn

Directress - Adolescent Classroom

Katelyn Bratz graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in History, as well as certificates in Classical History and European History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Katelyn began her career working with students through environmental education. She came to Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori in 2008. Since then she has taken on various roles: environmental educator, environmental Education Director, history teacher, elementary assistant and currently our Adolescent Directress. It is during her work in our environmental program that Katelyn came to appreciate and understand the Montessori Method. Katelyn completed the AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies in 2012. Since then Katelyn has worked to progress and expand our Adolescent program. She can be found regularly hiking and working at Nature’s Classroom property with her dog, Audi and the school dog, Pinto, gardening, or tending to the farm. All of which continue to be hobbies for Katelyn and a strong connection to her environmental background.


Ms. Elizabeth

Student Support Specialist

I am happy to serve Nature’s Classroom Institute as an Educational Consultant and Student Support Specialist. My background includes a bachelor’s degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Elementary Education. With over 10 years experience in school and home settings, I have served individuals with significant needs across the life span, alongside their families, ensuring an environment of success for everyone. I pursue a developmental approach in all interventions, focusing on the whole child, and what the child can do. My objective is to meet the child where they are, so that they may continue to grow and learn. My passion is support for individuals with complex communication needs and sensory issues. Additionally, I have traditional classroom experience, including ESL practices. I look forward to growing and learning with Nature’s Classroom this year.